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Starting nursery – ‘settling in’ stage

My youngest has started going to nursery this week in preparation for my return to work next week.

I thought it would be easier this time around, having done the same with my older son just a couple of years ago. Surely knowing how happy my eldest is at the same place and seeing how well he is growing up in terms of speech and social skills would mean the morning drop off would be a piece of cake?

Seems not. Good job the sun was shining and I could wear my big sunglasses as I couldn’t hold back a few tears. To be fair, having been the main carer for my baby since his birth five and a half months ago, it was hardly a surprise that it was an emotional time.

I had learnt enough from the first time around to know that I would be the one needing a few days ‘settling in’ period rather than my baby – being close to the nursery in case of any problems, being able to drop off late and pick up early, as well as not being an emotional mess when returning back to the office (not helpful for anyone!). My baby on the other hand seemed to have had great fun being cuddled by all the staff, playing with loads of new toys and getting to see his big brother throughout the day.

This week’s survey results that show 75% of new mothers would stay at home if financial pressures allowed has sparked a lot of comments on news sites such as the Daily Mail from mothers in a range of circumstances. It was not surprising to see this story run in the DM. However, I truly believe that everyone has to find out what works best for them – emotionally and financially. There is not always the ‘perfect’ scenario for all concerned but as long as the children are healthy and happy, what more could I ask for?


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Parenting – a career stopper or starter?

I’ve been meeting lots of mums who are now starting to think about childcare options for when they go back to work. Most of them have been in positions of seniority within their chosen career – from accounting through to marketing. However, after time off with their young children they are finding it hard to think about the return to work. Added to that, they are hoping for flexible working (part time etc.) and know this will impact the role they return to. As a result some are considering alternative employment in order to better meet the demands of a work/life balance.

I can’t help thinking that being a mum gives someone a whole host of new commercially relevant skills:

communication (with newbie baby through to fast learning toddler)
negotiation (every request can require some tough negotiation skills!)
people skills (being able to read a mood, look, etc. can make the difference between a tantrum or a peaceful evening)
logistics (getting a bag packed that will cater for all the needs of day and a family out in time for an event requires forward planning, organisation and management).

All of these have a place within the business environment. I do find it amazing that more parents aren’t snapped up by employers, even if some flexibility is required.

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