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Terrible twos times two

“Time flies when you’re having fun” or so the saying goes. I think having two children and a full time job also helps the time to speed by! This is my attempt at apologising for not writing posts for over a year! I’m really not sure where that time has gone, but as we’re now celebrating Second and Fourth birthdays in my family of four I have a vague idea.

Yes, we’ve entered the terrible twos stage – and doubly so!

A couple of weeks before my youngest turned two, the full on throw myself on the floor and kick my feet style tantrums kicked in. After various attempts to calm, cuddle, distract, bribe with food, etc. we found that just leaving him to ride it out (as long as he wasn’t in harm’s way!) was the best way forward. One month into the twos and the tantrums are slightly less impressive and shorter, but still lurking.

What adds some interest is having an older brother adding their contribution. It’s amazing that an extra two years can offer such wise words of wisdom as ‘I think he’s upset..’! No, really?

Of course, the fact that the tantrum was probably caused by the older sibling taking a toy / snack / parent’s attention in  the first place is beside the point.

As I sit on the sofa with them sitting companionably in relative piece it seems hard to believe the drama that can unfold so quickly. Having said that, I’m already planning the activities that will keep them running about for a good part of the day to release some of that energy!

Glad to be back here. Hope you’re all doing well. Speak again soon!


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The trouble with two

Two used to be my favourite number. Now it has become my biggest challenge! Not because I have two children, but because my eldest has hit the wonderful, but challenging age of two and a bit. Every parent I had met had warned me about the ‘terrible two’ stage, but I have to admit to thinking ‘it can’t be all that bad’. A colleague reminisced how her wonderful son and completely changed character overnight when they were two. I couldn’t help thinking, ‘I’m sure my child couldn’t change that much’?!….

It is not as though my child has turned into a demon or anything, but he is most definitely testing boundaries. What creates the biggest challenge is that it is not on a consistent basis. Instead it can be for a fun five minutes or an annoying afternoon. Yesterday, I realised I had become ‘that’ parent saying to a visiting friend and her two children that ‘he’s not normally like this’ as my son continued to play up (and not in a good way). If I was her, I would not believe me. I could say though with hand on heart that the day before he had been an absolute angel.

I can put the difference down to lack of sleep, hunger, having his home turf (i.e. own toys) invaded or a mix of them all, but to be honest it was probably just his day to be a bit of a devil. He went to sleep quickly and quietly that night, while I fretted, feeling angry and stressed reliving the entire day to see what I could have done differently. Was I too strict / too lenient / too slow to react / too fast to judge / etc. etc.?

I’m sure many other parents have experienced this and I’m even more sure that every two year old is as confused as their parent as to what makes them tick. The process of growing up, dealing with floods of hormones and body changes, as well as all the new things to learn (speech, manners, boundaries, toilet training, the list goes on) must be overwhelming – I think I would have more than my own fair share of funny fives minutes – in fact I’m sure my mother could confirm it! I guess this is just  another aspect of being a parent that I’ll learn by doing. I can only hope though that I learn some lessons for when my second child hits the same stage.

I continue to be in awe of my children – how quickly they develop and watching how they view the new things they encounter in life from the minor to major elements. Sometimes I’m not sure who learns more about themselves – my children or me!

As always, please do share your top tips and experiences – it all helps!


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