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I’m a big boy now – well almost

My two year old is increasingly saying that he’s ‘a big boy now’. It is frighteningly true as he is quite tall for his age, has quite a good range of vocab, is potty trained, etc. However, he is still two.

He also has a baby brother who he loves, but…

The youngest is increasingly getting attention as he enters the very cute stage of not being able to move or talk – beyond a range of Ga Ga Gas – but can smile a smile that takes up his entire face… you know the one!

There is no doubt that we love our sons equally, but as the younger one gets more interested and able to reach toys, books, etc., the older one feels he is sharing more than he wants to.

This week he has started to suck his thumb. He has not once sucked his thumb before, but funnily enough his younger brother always has.

I only hope I manage to split my time and attention to ensure they both know how much they are adored – and that they continue to care and look out for each other throughout their lives.


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Parenting – a career stopper or starter?

I’ve been meeting lots of mums who are now starting to think about childcare options for when they go back to work. Most of them have been in positions of seniority within their chosen career – from accounting through to marketing. However, after time off with their young children they are finding it hard to think about the return to work. Added to that, they are hoping for flexible working (part time etc.) and know this will impact the role they return to. As a result some are considering alternative employment in order to better meet the demands of a work/life balance.

I can’t help thinking that being a mum gives someone a whole host of new commercially relevant skills:

communication (with newbie baby through to fast learning toddler)
negotiation (every request can require some tough negotiation skills!)
people skills (being able to read a mood, look, etc. can make the difference between a tantrum or a peaceful evening)
logistics (getting a bag packed that will cater for all the needs of day and a family out in time for an event requires forward planning, organisation and management).

All of these have a place within the business environment. I do find it amazing that more parents aren’t snapped up by employers, even if some flexibility is required.

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