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Someone to watch over me

I keep catching myself staring at my youngest child and thinking – how did I become a parent? Before I get any helpful comments, I know the biology ; ) but it still amazes me that I have two beautiful (ok I’m biased) children. They have their challenging moments, but I feel extremely grateful. It also makes me appreciate what my own mother did raising two girls. My boys have a two year age gap, but my mother had to deal with two girls with a seven year age gap.

There are pros and cons to any age gap between siblings – too close and there may not be as strong an individual bond between parent and child, too wide and it may be hard for them to connect with each other. These are just some arguments I’ve heard. I truly believe it depends on the individuals involved as well as the circumstances. And, if my sister and I are anything to go by, there are certain ages that work well together throughout a lifetime – no matter what the ongoing age gap.

One thing I am certain of, I won’t tire of watching my young children sleep (apart from my own sleep deprivation!). Having bumped into an 84 year old mother of four boys (“we were trying for a girl!”) who was so proud of her children even now they themselves are in their 50s, I hope I’ll still be able to watch out for my boys as they grow up to be parents themselves.


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