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Shiny new toys

With Christmas just behind us, I’m sure we’ve all seen our children’s toy boxes get that little bit fuller. Looking at all the children’s toys on the shop shelves, I couldn’t help but notice they are all brightly coloured to be attractive to children and stimulate their senses.

I can’t help thinking toy manufacturers have got it all wrong. If my children are left alone for 30 seconds they head straight for the black shiny kit in the room – not their colourful toys. Whether it is a remote control, tablet computer or even a glasses case, they seem to hold more appeal than the especially designed things meant for them.

Granted my two year old knows the power of the remote control, but my 9 month old is just attracted by the blackness and shinyness of it. I know I must be missing something but I’m very tempted to start my own line of baby toys and take the Henry Ford approach of offering them in a range of colours: black, black and black!

Would love to hear what toys hit the spot for your children this Christmas!


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