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Buggies made for two

As my current single travel system pushchair recently gave up the ghost, the question of how best to transport two young children finally had to be addressed.

While the internet is a great place to do some initial research and also look for deals, I didn’t want to get stuck with something that sounded great, met the budget criteria, but was completely useless (yes – I wanted to learn from my initial mistakes!).

Finding somewhere to ask advice and test out the buggies was essential this time around and I was delighted to find two places that were both extremely knowledgeable as well as helpful. I’d highly recommend a visit to both these places should you be in the Surrey area:

Peppermint – smaller shop but extremely knowledgeable and keen to help.

A3 Baby Barn – large range of baby equipment, also very knowledgeable.

The teams at both places were also happy to share the feedback they had received from customers and were not just pushing the most expensive option which was great.

Being able to try both my child and a ‘test baby’ in the buggy, wheel it around and also test it out in the back of the car was amazing!

It also opened my eyes to a number of issues that I hadn’t considered before:

– width of individual seats, not just the whole buggy (most relevant for side-by-side options and important if looking for something for a toddler and a baby)

– ease of folding (being able to collapse the buggy in a couple of moves from one position – remembering you could be dealing with two crying children at the same time!)

I was really impressed by how easy some of the double buggies are to manoeuver – even more so than my current single pushchair which was a relief.

It’s worth taking some time to talk to different outlets and test buggies out in as many settings as possible if you can. Hope the above helps?


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