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Boxes make the best presents…

It is true that no matter how exciting, expensive or innovative a child’s present is they will only play with the box it came in.

But what if the box turns into a book, then a playmate and then the ultimate – a pirate ship!

My son’s godmother always finds the best presents that are fun and educational. I don’t know how she does it but I’m very glad she does!

I love watching my children experience things for the first time but when a gift also lets them play together and revisit the fun it creates over and over again it really is wonderful.

I think children are the best inventors and I hope the toy companies keep watching and listening to what their target audience tells them!

Here’s to all the birthdays to come! Happy birthday C xxx



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Kidney Appeal – a fellow mum’s story

I have the pleasure of working with an absolutely lovely lady. She was pregnant with her first child when I was expecting my second so we had lots to talk about and share. She is due any day now with her second child – a girl. As usual, decisions over type of delivery, family support, time off work etc. have been priorities – and for most us,  enough to cope with!

However, her sister-in-law is also in urgent need of a kidney. Just 33 years old, Premila suffers from  Systemic Lupus Erythamatosis and currently both her kidneys have failed. Premila is amazing, but I can’t help also  thinking about my friend who has all the normal growing family challenges and things to think about, but also the worry of a close member of her family being in need. That puts my daily worries into perspective.

If you can help my friend and Premila with their kidney appeal – even if by just sharing the link to her story, I would be eternally grateful. I’m hoping we can put some of our collective mum network and support to amazing use!

Premila is looking for a kidney donor compatible with blood group O or A.

To read Premila’s story and to find out more about kidney donation visit her website.

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Terrible twos times two

“Time flies when you’re having fun” or so the saying goes. I think having two children and a full time job also helps the time to speed by! This is my attempt at apologising for not writing posts for over a year! I’m really not sure where that time has gone, but as we’re now celebrating Second and Fourth birthdays in my family of four I have a vague idea.

Yes, we’ve entered the terrible twos stage – and doubly so!

A couple of weeks before my youngest turned two, the full on throw myself on the floor and kick my feet style tantrums kicked in. After various attempts to calm, cuddle, distract, bribe with food, etc. we found that just leaving him to ride it out (as long as he wasn’t in harm’s way!) was the best way forward. One month into the twos and the tantrums are slightly less impressive and shorter, but still lurking.

What adds some interest is having an older brother adding their contribution. It’s amazing that an extra two years can offer such wise words of wisdom as ‘I think he’s upset..’! No, really?

Of course, the fact that the tantrum was probably caused by the older sibling taking a toy / snack / parent’s attention in  the first place is beside the point.

As I sit on the sofa with them sitting companionably in relative piece it seems hard to believe the drama that can unfold so quickly. Having said that, I’m already planning the activities that will keep them running about for a good part of the day to release some of that energy!

Glad to be back here. Hope you’re all doing well. Speak again soon!

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Confidence is everything

Not being the most self-confident of people, I’m always in awe of those that are sure about their place and role in the world. At a baby group this week, I met a mother who stated she was taking her four month old to every group she could as she didn’t want her child to be one of those children that doesn’t know how to share.

Her confident statement left me feeling bad that my two year old had had a meltdown just the previous day when a friend was over for a play date and had dared to play with his rocket ship when he wanted to.

I had to take a moment though and remember that I have been spending quite a lot of time with toddlers. My son goes to nursery, spends a lot of time with other children and I know for a fact the majority of two year olds have the same problem with sharing their own toys. I believe that sharing (especially toys) is something children have to learn the hard way as part of the growing up process. While I agree we can expose them as much as possible to give them the chance to learn as early on as possible, I believe this is another life skill they have to learn by doing rather than being one that can just come naturally.

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