Buggy basics

Having made the decision to keep my first child at nursery when baby number two arrives, for a number of reasons:

– keeping normal routine

– maintaining lots of play / interaction for a developing child

– time for me to spend with the new baby (and hopefully time to catch up with sleep / housework)

I realised that a single buggy would be practical for walks and quick shops (while a baby carrier is very convenient, there are times when having your child resting separately is really useful!). It was great to be able to use some of our previous experience to pick the new pram. I was in awe at how simple the new system was:

– lightweight frame

– single release fold / unfold

– clip in / out car seat and pram seat

– one press brake

– easy to manouver (good turning circle)

It was great to be able to watch ‘how to use’ videos of different options on sites such as kiddicare.com and preciouslittleone, as well as the manufacturers themselves. Options from Britax, Quinny, Mothercare were great and it was just a question of doing some online research to find the best package / option to suit our needs.


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