Sleeping like a baby

I’m still trying to work out how this expression came to mean sleeping well! While children sleep the sleep of the innocent, they also wake up at unpredictable times and are well known for fighting extreme tiredness at any time of day or night.

So, when your baby does fall asleep it’s good to be able to give them as long as possible without interruption – for all concerned! During the day, it is typical for babies to fall asleep when in the car thanks to the soft engine noise and rocking motion. The challenge of keeping them asleep when you stop at your destination is one that faces every mother.

The first time around, I was set on getting a travel ‘system’. While there were some definite downsides to the system I chose, having a car seat that fitted straight into the buggy was a wonderful thing, allowing baby to have some much needed rest and me some time to get errands done.

I wish I knew then what I know now and had bought a travel system that was lightweight and durable. My new challenge is finding the perfect seat and buggy frame without breaking the bank. The search begins but not until after a good night’s sleep!


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